New York brand Jahnkoy is inspired by a mosaic of influences: from environmental concerns, traditions in Russian craftsmanship, and the Crown Heights neighborhood of Maria Kazakova, the brand’s founder.   Kazakova makes direct reference to the Russia of the ‘90’s and hybrid fashion in its era of cultural appropriation.

 Jahnkoy appeared for the first time on the cultural radar after being one of the winners of the LVMH 2017 awards.  The ethos of Jahnkoy is based on two key notions:  to attract the necessary attention to the global fashion situation with its impact on the entire world as well as the political significance regarding craftsmanship.  In a world dominated by “fast fashion”,  Kazakova is trying to educate the public on the importance of investing time and work in clothing:  why buy the same $ 5.00 t-shirt in London or Berlin when we know that it will inevitably have an impact somewhere else in the world.

 At Tomorrow Crew in Paris, hundreds of colorful ribbons, traditional Russian embroidery, and an installation on tribal futurism usher in the presentation of the latest women’s and men’s fashions.  The perfect fit and contrast of Alain Leporati Back in Black combined with Natural Linen collections were chosen by Jahnkoy to emphasize the contemporary hybrid identity of the collections.

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