57th International Art Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia


The theme of the Venice Pavilion, the luxury, is told through the great tradition of craftsmanship of Venetian art of which the Pavilion, since 1932 and for many years, was the most prestigious showcase.

A path that intertwine shapes, symbols, objects of the past resumed the search for Venetian companies that are excellence in producing handmade art objects in glass, mosaic, fabric, porcelain, footwear.
In a atélier, are collected raw materials that then the genius of the craftsman’s hands transforms it into works of art. The visitor is guided along a path that allows you to understand how matter is formed from the object of art.
The sensual beauty of Venice is relived through symbolic and sensory perceptions referencing interweaving colors, scents, play of lights.

Its cultural tradition meets the Orient, constant reference of the glorious development of the city’s history, with citations that recall the past and find themselves in the beauty of contemporary craft works.

The Venice Pavilion brings to life the luxury as an experience of a high beauty and precious that only the true aesthetic education allows you to appreciate, which the path of the exhibition of the Pavilion knows how to communicate.

Antonia Sautteris a designer and entrepreneur born in Venice to a German father and an Italian mother, who is renowned for her costumes that recreate the elegance of the past ages of Italy’s history, from the 16th century up to the 1920s. Thanks to her dedication to the creative arts, costume history, textiles and ancient techniques of haute couture tailoring, accompanied by her love for artisan craftsmanship, Antonia Sautter became a distinguished Italian celebrity.

In addition to haute couture, Antonia Sautter plans and organizes private events worldwide with her distinctive style, the most notable of which is Il Ballo del Doge, the most exclusive luxury event of the Carnival of Venice. Il Ballo del Doge has been taking place since 1994 during Venice’s Carnival in Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand Canal, a beautiful 16th century palace.

ALAIN LEPORATI - King Manichini at 57TH Biennale di Venezia-Arte with sartorial busts

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