Vogue Italia – December 2017

Evanescence: the photos of Brera talents for Alain Leporati King Manichini

Alain Leporati King Manichini, believing in talent just like Vogue Italy, rewards the work of the students of Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The collaboration between the company of Modena and the historical academic institution in Milan is an extraordinary partnership, which culminates with the exhibition of the works of the twelve best artists of the two-year specialization course in Photography, on view from 30 November to 3 December 2017 at the Bottega Immagine (via Carlo Farini 60).

 The “Evanescence”  exhibition takes its name from the mannequin line made available to the students, who were asked to experiment and explore the static beauty of these figures, removing them from their main function, that usually is to enhance the yield of the wearer clothes.

 This is a project that tells the grace of the involved objects, an ideal of sensual and ethereal femininity that, at the same time, use the photography and video languages in wise and perfect installation.

 The authors of the exhibited works are: Alessandro Allegrini, Lorenzo Baroncelli, Margarita Yegorova, Letizia Falini, Irene Gittarelli, Vanessa Lopes, Elena Muresu, Chiara Parodi, Anna Pfeiffer, Marta Rizzo, Ezio Roncelli, Luca Scavone.

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