Chiara Ferragni - Milan Store

Recognized and awarded by Vogue, esteemed by Dior, Guess testimonial and followed by more than three million followers. It’s Chiara Ferragni, a girl who has transformed her passion into a successful business.

Passion for fashion, beauty and photography. A love so strong as to become, quickly, a great success profession, up to bring her to create her own brand of footwear – Chiara Ferragni Collections – and to open a store in Milan in the central Porta Nuova area.

The Blonde Salad, today is a reference of style and inspiration for millions people in Italy and all over the world, so as to bring Chiara Ferragni to work with the most well-known and prestigious luxury & fashion brands, and to appear as opinion maker and, at the same time, model in the most famous international magazines, to be recognized by the whole community as one of the most influential figures of the entire fashion panorama.

Chiara Ferragni has become the creative director of a line of its own shoes with great success entirely produced in Italy. For all these reasons Chiara entered the ranking of the 30 Under 30 Most influential according to Forbes for the year 2015.

A story of success described in her book: The Blonde Salad. Style advices from the most followed web fashion blogger. An almost fairy-tale story.

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