Philosophy Festival “All Things Woman”

“Cose di Donne” or “All Things Woman“was the theme of the 12th Festivalfilosofia (12th Festival of Philosophy) which is held this September in Carpi, Modena and part of the Festival of Philosophy taking place throughout the entire Modenese area.  The cultural and artisti exhibit from the Festival will be on display through January 2013.

The Festival of Philosophy is the most important and anticipated event of the Modenese cultural season which attracts tens of thousands of people from all ends of the globe every year.  The numbers illustrate the sheer success of the initiative with 1 million 227 thousand visitors  from  2001 to 2011 (in constant increase).

The Festival gets its origins from the rich heritage of the Ethnographic Center of Research belonging to the Museum of Carpi. The Center has documentary materials in various formats and filed topics such as testimonials regarding cultural material, harking back to social structures and cultural processes no longer visible.

The topic of choice this time is concentrated on those things pertaining to Carpi’s female manufacturing universe of the 20th century and make reference to three specific roles:

– “la mondina” – the rice field worker,

– “la trecciaola” – expert craftswomen of straw hats,

– “la magliaia” – the knitwear worker, backbone of Carpi’s

economy through the years.

(see photos at the end of article showing all three roles)

The exhibit is all the more  interesting thanks to the contribution of Anna Molinari – Blumarine who has presented her “bluvi” especially for the exhibit.  The Bluvi was inspired by Lana Turner and her fashionable sweaters.  The Bluvi was unveiled at a celebrity event at the beginning of the Philosophy Festival and is currently displayed on a unique bust from King Manichini’s new collection “Alluminio Puro” or “Pure Aluminium” .  King is a technical sponsor in this cultural event so dear to the region.

The exhibit will continue through January 6, 2013, ..

hours are: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays  from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The location is the Pio Palace in the exquisite Appartamento Nobile.

Palazzo dei Pio, Appartamento nobile  

Piazza Dei Martiri, 68 / 41012 Carpi, Modena-Italy

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