Exotic Zanzibar & Doreen Mashika

The island of Zanzibar, (Tanzania), is a beautiful place that has  always  had  mixed populations  of   different ethnic groups making it a melting pot of culture and tradition, a characteristic given by the presence of a very important port of call that has been there for many centuries; but its beauty extends beyond the people showing a landscape with stunning natural areas and a superb sea.

The main town is Stone Town, lively city with colorful shops and attractions of every kind, which seem to slow their pace only with the arrival of the monsoons.

The island is reachable by boat or plane, but the distance from the mainland is limited, so do not worry if you want to leave the island to explore other nearby  areas, which is rather interesting given the beautiful landscapes of the African coast and archipelago.

In this globalized era, being different and offering an interesting product is essential; in this way, in addition to obtaining more economic return, you get something even more important: becoming a point of reference for those who want to be inspired.

The young designer Doreen Mashika, native of central Tanzania, fully satisfies this condition.

She incorporates African style, of her native land, with the European one, thus creating women’s clothes, accessories, handbags and unique jewelry with a touch of exotic chic, given the quality of fabrics and materials used in general, strictly retrieved from  the local cooperatives. Doreen is proud of this because she can follow all stages of the production process remaning in her country, Zanzibar, precisely Stone Town.

However, Doreen also made several trips to Europe to further her knowledge about the world of fashion, enriching her experience in order to choose the best direction to take.

King Mannequins is proud to have a client like Doreen Mashika, who has our Lipstick mannequins and Slim busts covered in luxurious black silk and King furnishings too for her splendid boutique.

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