Museo Blumarine Palazzo Pio

In Carpi at the Palazzo Pio inaugurates the new exhibition hall dedicated to Blumarine

A permanent exhibition inside the Museum of the city conceived to enhance clothes that are much more than clothing, but well yes works of art that helped to bring the name of "Carpi" in the world daily.

The sartorial composition, the quality of the fabrics and the preciousness of the embroidery of the brand are enhanced by the grace and the absolute elegance of the collection "Doll" of King mannequins once again a prestigious partner for signatures of excellence that characterize the made in Italy in the world as Blumarine.
The setting up, curated by the management of the museums in coordination with Anna Molinarie King Mannequins is conceived to give a multi-sensory contact to the visitors playing with visual, acoustic and olfactory sensations that enhance the beauty of the clothes and accessories of the famous fashion house born in 1977.

The museum, which speaks of men and women who have made 35 centuries of history in Carpi, has decided to celebrate the prestigious company that has always given luster to the city.

The museum path recreates an extraordinary "interactive wardrobe" that starts from the materials in which the creations were made to the photographic interpretation of the most important fashion photographers.
The evening started with the musical vernissage of the Ensemble of Strings of the Musical Institute "Vecchi Tonelli" to continue in the room of the Moors accompanied by the excellence of the courses of high refinement in the lyric singing of Raina Kabaivanska and the music of pianist Paolo Andreoli, sees the participation of the local authorities of Anna Molinari creative director BluFin as well as stylist for Blumarine, GianguidoTarabini sole administrator BluFin , Enrico Campedelli mayor of Carpi and Sandra Beaver Sales manager for King Mannequins Iltalia.

The splendid exhibition as well as highlighting the brand Blumarine protects and enhances the local entrepreneurial realities as king mannequins that has been able to promote excellence of made in Italy in the world.

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