“Evanescence Project” - Milan

The “Evanescence Project” comes to life in a dynamic contemporary art exhibit in Milan held on 23-24 May.  This edition gave center stage to the students from the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, who had full freedom to transform the mannequins from the Evanescence Collection into works of art using an array of techniques and mediums.  In support of their professional future, Alain Leporati further awarded their talent with an exhibition exclusively dedicated to them.  The vernissage was attended by prominent figures from the fashion sector and art world.

 “Evanescence Project”  is an extra-sensorial journey which began in 2017 and continues over time.  A one of a kind initiative which involves and supports top art academies with their young talents.

The artists of the exhibited works are: Matilde Baglivo, Costanza Battaglini, Lavinia Bolognini, Edoardo Ciaralli, Ludovica Lotito, Gabriella Presutto, Camilla Riscassi, Lucrezia Roncadi, Golzar Sanganian, Agata Torelli.

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