Swarovski is theflagship brandofSwarovskiInternational Holdingsin Zurich,Switzerland.It is headquarteredin WattensnearInnsbruck,Austria.

Swarovskiis specialized in the production ofCrystalartefactsandowes its fameto both thehighquality of workmanshipandmaterialused.

Its compositionis made of glass andlead butthe exact formulaisjealouslyguarded astrade secrets.The corporate logois represented bya swanwhich isaffixed toeach productas a signof authenticity.

TheparticularCrystalwas conceived byDaniel Swarovskibornin Bohemia in 1862.

The raw material isusedfordifferent product lines.

From componentsforBijouterieprecision optics,fromhome decor,jewellery.

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