Bardash is a high end brand for women that was born as a natural next step in the career of Dana Bardas. Dana’s innate sense of fashion and talent for designing was first honed in Italy thanks to her seven years of experience in the field of producing natural fabrics and clothing. Mixing her talent and experience led to the creation of Bardash; a decision that proved to be a very successful one. In 2012, together with her sister Anca, she opened multibrand shops where women could for the first time experience the relevance of the Bardash brand in the market. Talent, knowledge and a group of seasoned professionals in Italy and Romania in the fields of design, creation, wearability and production are the make-up of the Bardash brand. The attention to detail is present from start to finish, from the creation of prototypes to the production of the finished garment. Uncompromising in their search for quality, Bardash designers source only finest-quality textiles and accessories for their products. Bardash luxury clothing is for women who know that fashion and beauty is an attitude, and that grace and sophistication are a winning combination. The clothes underline the wearer’s inner happiness. Dana creates outfits that make women feel feminine, strong and happy. A carefully chosen wardrobe is the symbol of a unique lifestyle.

The Timișoara Bardash boutique was won over with the elegance of the Evanescence Collection by Alain Leporati

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