Couturier Maestri d’Arte A new luxury retail concept by Raffaella Verri

Couturier Maestri d’Arte” by entrepreneur Raffaella Verri explores a new retail concept.

 Style, elegance, culture, research, high technology: a true sensorial experience immersed in centuries of history where the surroundings evoke Baroque era ancient glory and lead the guests on a journey revolutionizing the concept of elegance. 

The Kingdom of the two Sicilies, with its tradition and “Sapience” will inspire an attentive selection with works of art, architecture, photography, fashion, jewellery, and highly cultural publications.

 Architect Monica Mirri, with her extensive experience in the art world, selects the objects while proposing a physical and virtual journey to relive a slice of history and culture which has never been told, and with a glance to the future:  an expedition into the very soul of the House of Bourbon, empowered with the utilization of new technologies.

“Couturier Maestri d’Arte” is an exhibition space with a revolutionary concept:  one does not purchase an object or illusory connotative brand, but rather an embodiment based on uniqueness and differentiation, composed of transparent experiences with an identity and shared history.


The protagonists in this story are young designers, artists, photographers and creatives who give shape to a personal cultural intuition through their works.

 Display by VM Anna Miglionico

 Couturier Maestri d’Arte - Largo Donegani 3, Milano

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