“Close to Comeforbreakfast” is the final chapter in a photographic trilogy (starting with “Unsuitable” and proceeding with “Would you COMEFORBREAKFAST?”) that aims to narrate in a multi-identity progression the various dimensions of the brand itself, demonstrating an authentic connection with those who live fashion in everyday life. 

“Close to Comeforbreakfast” thus continues the conceptual investigation, ideologically closing the narrative that explores the different facets of the brand: after first exploring the ideal of the Comeforbreakfast woman and then experiencing personal moments of the universal ritual of breakfast, we enter an intimate and heartfelt dimension.The closing stage of the project involves the people who have always collaborated with and believed in the brand.

What the brand wants to recount through this new photographic project is the importance of the support of the people who have helped make an idea, a dream, into real life. These snapshots bear homage to those who enabled and encouraged the existence of Comeforbreakfast. A genuine tribute, consisting of portraits composed by the photographer Andy Massaccesi, with the support of Alessia Vanini, bringing to light those who make every collection possible: the designers vacate the stage for the other protagonists, like the pattern-maker, the sampler, the elderly owner of the knitwear factory, along with the salesman, lawyer, stylist, photographer, and their mentor.            

This was not a case of street casting, the subjects were hardly unknown, and quite the opposite they embody a significant part of the success of the brand, their uniqueness being an important part of its patrimony. “Close to Comeforbreakfast” narrates the everyday life of a reality that, though small and independent, embraces numerous individuals who, season after season, nourish the project with their work and conviction.

The A/W 19 Comeforbreakfast Collection is an oxymoron formed from equilibrium and subtle chaos, a constant tension between excessive volumes and clean defined lines, from fluid fabrics to more heavily structured and rigid weaves.

Once again the signature garment is the oversize trench coat, which this season is cut to redefine the proportions.

Jackets grow down to become dresses, waistlines rise very high in cargo pants highlighted with maxi-belts, the oversized button-less jackets are light and unadorned, the tailored garments in wool and cashmere are extravagant in their volumes.

Long tubular skirts are combined with blouses with loose wide sleeves.

The colour combinations are also perturbed, in the new winter collection black is combined with teal, mustard with mid blue, and dark brown with butter and mud.

Comeforbreakfast proposes a sophisticated but simultaneously simple collection, with outfits conceived to balance colour and shape within an unstable and intentionally disordered dimension, shattering the chromatic and stylistic equilibrium.

Knitwear plays an important role in the collection, a genuine capsule collection comprising dresses, pullovers, loose sleeveless waistcoats, T-shirts, and trousers.

All made in pure wool. Accessories also hold a central position, with men's and women's shoes in crocodile print leather and wool fabric.

The fabrics come together in unique, sophisticated combinations, with wool and silk dresses, viscose and silk, crinkled organza and vinyl blouses, wool and acetate faille.

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