Fashion Creativity Day at the Modateca Igor Pallante in Bologna

This year’s event highlighted Marakanda, an artistic laboratory with a wide range of specialties like sculpture, ceramics, painting, elaborate screen printing, and fashion which blend together for fabulous creations.

Artists, designers, and Fine Arts professors lead various projects at Marakanda Open Group which involve people with disabilities.

The highly professional profile shined through in the clothing and accessories which were also worn by their creators in a fashion show: a unique opportunity to come full circle by directly receiving the acclaim for a project which they designed, created and ultimately wore on the catwalk.

All items were pure fusion mixing different types of recuperated fabrics, embroidery, original artwork prints, with artistically designed elements in ceramic.

The Modateca Igor Pallante, or MIP, was initiated by the Municipality of San Lazzaro Bologna, Arte Vetrina Project and the Pallante family to be a library exclusively dedicated to fashion, design and creativity in the city’s Mediateca.

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