Pastello Collection for Mario Dice - Resort S/S '19

Mario Dice chooses Pastello Collection for Resort S/S ‘19.
Mario Dice presents a new gypsy style where memories interfuse with today and experiences become embroidered elements, inlays or precious details hidden in the folds of a lace dress.
This Collection was inspired by the gitanes from the previous century in the Camargue region of France. Santa Sarah, is still celebrated there and remains the only true patron saint of the gitanes (gypsies). The Collection evokes far-away memories of magic and faraway lands where bohemian inspiration is grounded in high fashion, precious details and embroidered elements.
The clothing recalls an ethno chic style and dominates with a combination of vibrant shades, flowing outlines and lightweight fabrics.
A picture book story takes flight in the knowledgeable hands of Mario Dice, transforming collective memory and thoughts into tangible matter.

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