Brera Academy for Alain Leporati

A photography exhibition featuring the talents of the Brera Fine Arts Academy for Alain Leporati King Manichini.

Alain Leporati King Manichini supports and awards Brera Academy students from the graduate degree program of photography, an extraordinary collaboration which will present the works of the 12 best artists from 30 November to 3 December 2017 at the Bottega Immagine (Via Carlo Farini, 60 – Milan, Italy).

 The exhibition takes the name “Evanescence” from the collection of mannequins given to the young talents to experiment and explore the static beauty of these figures, to remove them from their conventional function which is to enhance the clothing that they would normally wear.


A project which speaks of the graceful nature of these objects, an ideal of femininity which is both sensual and ethereal, which uses the language of photography, video and installation art in a knowing and complete approach.

The artists of the exhibited works are:  Alessandro Allegrini, Lorenzo Baroncelli, Margarita Egorova, Letizia Falini, Irene Gittarelli, Vanessa Lopes, Elena Muresu, Chiara Parodi, Anna Pfeiffer, Marta Rizzato, Ezio Roncelli, Luca Scavone.

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