The founder and designer of the maison Moschino, Franco Moschino, was born in 1950, in a small town called Abbiategrasso situated in the Lombardy region.

Before becoming a designer, Moschino attends the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, intending to follow his passion: painting.

To finance his studies he worked as a freelance fashion illustrator and thanks to this experience Moschino moves his interests from painting to tailoring, and finally to fashion.

The trademark Moschino Couture, launched in 1983, concentrating its creations on casual wear and jeans, although the exuberant designer attracted attention with his fun and provocative slogans, like “Ready to Where?” or “This is a Very Expensive Shirt”, they gathered an enormous following.



In a short period of time he starts working on the creation of lingerie, dresses, shoes, clothing and perfumes. He even launches in 1988 an “economical” clothing line called Cheap Chic Donna and Cheap Chic Uomo.

Franco Moschino can even be compared to Jean Paul Gaultier, all because of the  innovative and unusual characteristics that his clothing has.

The various collections present themselves as a parody and a protest to the fashion world at the same time.   Moschino, actually re-elaborates classic clothing ware, giving it irreverent details.

When Franco Moschino passed away, the trademark passed into the hands of Rossella Lardini, which being the quality director of all Moschino lines, is now bringing the fashion brand in a more contemporary direction, though always keeping alive the original spirit.

2010/11 Fall / Winter collection

This is a collection that has a very modern feel to it, taking the brand back to it’s original style, although always pushing forward in fashion trends. This basically is what Rossella Jardini, head fashion designer said in summing up the Milano Moda Donna fashion show.

The runway models  were wearing clothes inspired by fashion themes dear to the maison, those that in the ’80’s brought out the playful genius of the designer Franco Moschino.

 This couldn’t have not been one of the most beautiful events of Milano Moda Donna.

2011 Spring / Summer collection  You can see polka dots, flowers, stripes, and all kinds of shades mixed together seamlessly, dressing the modern woman, sometimes lively, but sophisticated and elegant when she wants to be.  Although the clothing is beautiful,  the colors are the true masterpiece, bringing out, other than the usual black and white, an explosion of different colors, like blue, purple, red and a bright summer yellow.

For the men’s line Moschino remains loyal to the style that made him famous in the ‘80’s, presenting his collection as if it were an LP tracklist, spacing between different musical genres, to please every man.

Even the Moschino brand uses King’s products, like the beautiful sartorial busts, shown in their Milan headquarters on prestigious Via della Spiga.

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