High-level projects for architects of international renown Eniko Korompay and Sandor Gocsei who have operated individually for more than a decade and subsequently collaborated for a famous architecture studio, where the excellent build quality follows the latest design trends.

The Hungarian architects who developed the project-Sandor Gocsei and Eniko Korompay-have maintained the internal columns and the structure of the building in a historic building in the centre of Budapest, then, in the spatial relationship of the setting, a touch of contemporaryity. The shop, which develops for 230 sqm, offers the feeling of being in an exhibition space: the clear surfaces of the interior, the white design, the lighting, are all elements that underline the fashion vocation of the shop.

The simple cubic case supports a dummy (NDR. of king Mannequins) and shows it as if it were an art object, while the black "shard of glass" hanging from the ceiling gives further emphasis to the environment. The small niches embedded in the wall reinterpret the type of the Multibrand store: showing the letter "A" of the logo and presenting the collections of accessories, including those of Tom Ford, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Bluemarine and Dolce & Gabbana.

The large capsule-shaped recess in the wall creates an exclusive space, like a "closet", exclusively dedicated to Tom Ford's women's items. The store's backspace has a lower height than the rest of the interior, creating the need to connect the environments in the best possible way: The innovative Barrisol ceiling has come to the aid, so that the space in front of the store "slips" into the backspace through an arched and glossy roof, giving rise to a soft passage despite the different dimensional relationships.

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