Alexander Wang

California, a beautiful state with unique destinations…like San Francisco.

Scott McKenzie sang to us, in the now distant 1967, about this city, describing the people and the lifestyle they had at the time;  the harmony and positivity still seem to be present in certain conditions, or better, in certain individuals, like in the renowned designer Alexander Wang.

Born in San Francisco, he was brought up in a highly intellectual environment bringing himself progressively closer to the fashion world; he continues his studies in New York, where he prepares his first women’s collection.

Showing on the catwalk in 2007 he obtains a huge success which ultimately brings him to win 200,000 dollars given by the “Council of Fashion Designers of America”  as a recognition of his art.

Like a speeding train he continues, unstoppable, his climb to the top, in fact in 2008 he presents his autumn collection mainly in black, but, in the spring, he surprises everyone by showcasing a beautiful spectrum of colors in his various creations and without mincing words  is quoted as saying:

“they wanted color, they got color.”

On February 11th, GQ announced Alexander Wang as the “GQ Menswear Designer of the Year”; a recognition, or rather a goal, one of many more to come that this fantastic designer will continue to gain.

King is pleased to have Alexander Wang as a client, in fact, to showcase his fantastic creations Mr. Wang uses our prestigious busts which are handcrafted in genuine Italian leather offering excellent fit and design.

The busts were recently used in a photo ad campaign with high visual impact.

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