Emirates Woman 30th Birthday

Stylish, smart and sophisticated…  No, we’re not describing an apparently perfect woman,  but a fashion magazine covering a wide spectrum of topics and that has recently celebrated its 30th birthday.   We are talking, of course, about  “Emirates Woman”.

Widespread mainly throughout  the Middle East, and constantly growing,  it follows the trends and current events that influence the modern woman.

 As well, it reports on  the problems afflicting society nowadays;  in fact, this magazine puts the emancipation of women in today’s world as a main objective, and it is something which it fought for ever since its first pubication, finding itself, in certain cases,  a bit in contrast with the culture that was present in the Arab world up until a few decades ago, and that still continues currently in some nations.

This high level of culture and fashion is in part given by the completely female team that runs the magazine, which does indeed keep up with the times but never forgets the roots on which it’s based.

King Manichini supports this fashion magazine and the ideals it conveys to its readers,  showing a more introspective and cultured identity in addition to its glamorous one; it is principally for that reason that we have deemed it the perfect magazine for the advertisements of our luxury mannequins .


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