The feeling that one has when entering a store like “Amicis” in Vienna isn’t just usual experience but very delightful.  It distinguishes itself from the many high-end shops in the Austrian capital in different ways; in fact, other than selling only luxury clothing brands, it is in perfect harmony with the historical building where it resides, creating in this way a very nice symbiosis between the “old” and the “new”.

This incredible store is divided in three parts, the women’s section and the outlet are in the same location on Seilerstatte, while for the men’s wear you need to go on Parkring.

What makes this store unique is certainly its interior decor, like the vintage and new furniture, mixed together to create a distinctive but cool effect, or the handmade and personalized chandeliers.

Furthermore the women’s section is divided in smaller rooms with different themes, like Flower-Power or Neo-Barocco, and to make the setting even more unique there are Kings fabulous “Lipstick” mannequins, that give an added touch of luxury to an environment that is already highly refined.

For the men’s wear instead, there is a different location, we can find a different interior style in comparison to the one in Seilerstatte. The sober and simple approach with bear carpets, comfy armchairs and leather couches make a man feel at ease while he makes his purchases, whilst offering a wide range of high brands, like Alexander McQueen, Giambattista Valli, Peter Pilotto, Dsquared ² and Balenciaga.

Amicis is indeed a store standing out as a true pearl in Vienna. Over and above its prime location, it offers the best in clothing for its clientele while anticipating fashion trends by many months. It has become a point of reference for all who wish to follow the trends in high fashion.

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