Zuiki is a relatively new women’s fashion brand; created in 2003 by the Ennepi s.r.l company, it has, as its main objective, the job of dressing the beautiful and dynamic woman of today with clothing suited for every occasion.

After opening the first specialized stores, the brand became increasingly popular, which permitted the opening of many new stores in all of Italy; like the one in the Eurosia mall in Parma the 24th of march.

Zuiki’s clothing and accessories are always in constant evolution due to the rigorous following in “up to date” fashion trends, insuring high quality merchandise to the customer.

In fact, for this fashion house, quality is a fundamental factor; Zuiki subdivides its production foreign and Italian, obtaining this way max value to satisfy even the most demanding client while keeping prices in a moderate range


It’s very interesting to note that Zuiki’s fashion designers are all domestic, forming a young and creative team committed to exalting female harmony, sensuality and character to the highest degree..

For Zuiki, as already said, style and image are essential, so to keep these high they decided to use King’s luxury mannequins, both the Lipstick and Evanescence Collections, increasing the store’s reputation by a long shot.

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