The eye candy has it

published in Fashion Magazine No. 1170 10 January 2011

Industrialized productions and manufacturing for the masses has taken hold in just about every business sector, in the mannequin sector there is still  a company which shines for its artisanal craftsmanship and creativity:  King Manichini.  King represents the segment of extreme luxury in the mannequin sector and creates a product contemplated to be without equals in terms of materials, design and excellence.

Visual merchandising, defined as the design of a window  display and the furnishings in the stores, plays an extremely important part for a company’s image.. and the more eye candy… the better, especially in a time where we are continually living with images dancing before our eyes.

Precisely for this reason, we see an ever increasing trend of stores wishing to welcome their clientele in beautiful interiors which are aesthetically pleasing in their design and displays guaranteeing an impressive impact.    

Usually in the years past we would see this trend mostly in those stores selling the super luxury brands but with the passing of time we are experiencing a totally new trend, it is no longer important which brand of clothing or accessories are being sold but the desire to create store environments where the customer can walk in and feel like a star, store environments which are impressive, furnishings with an eye for high design and display windows with total appeal; these are the stores which will be rewarded by a market which is always more selective and demanding.

It has been interesting over the recent years to see how the King clientele has become increasingly diversified all over the world as compared to the past where their mannequins were almost entirely dedicated to the highest fashion segment.  

Today we see how the design and great fit of the King Manichini mannequins give such an added boost to the interiors and displays of the new generation stores where the search for the best eye candy is such a key to success as well as being the signature of those wishing to have a unique identity which is always capturing and keeping the interest of the clientele.

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