These attributes are present only in the best international fashion designers.

Igor Chapurin  is quite comfortable covering the crucial role of trend-setting in our time.

Born in Russia, 1968,  Chapurin grows in close contact with the family’s textile business, which probably influenced him to enter the fashion world.

 His official career began at a Paris talent show; being part of the winners circle motivated him to follow his dream.  He debuted in Moscow with an innovative collection that put the spotlight on him, the collection was called “To Russia With Love.”

So it was that Chapurin entered the fashion scene and in ’96 became one of the candidates to the “Russian high fashion group”.  
The same year he presented the collection that distinguished him yet again, The  “Chapurin-97”, bringing him one step closer to the international fashion world. Chapurin reached a new peak in ’99, winning, thanks to his collection, the “Golden mannequin” ( he will obtain again in the future), a prestigious award given by the “Russian association of high fashion” to which he will also become a member.
The road that Chapurin takes will result ever brighter as his endeavors regard the most diverse stylistic aspects; like the clothing created together with Swarovski  for the Russian artistic gymnastics team,  looking forward to the 2004 Olympics.

He was even nominated Man of the Year by Russian GQ magazine in 2005.

Chapurin is even involved in the interior design segment with a line called “Chapurincasa”, so other than his fashion collections he also covers a very influential designer role in this area as well.

 During Paris week 2010 he had enormous success presenting colors and fabric combinations which were extremely intelligent and impressive with the inspiration of works by renowned Russian artist’s Kandinskij.

To assist in his fantastic creations Mr. Chapurin uses King luxury mannequins, precisely the Lipstick line, because they best manage to be at the level of his couture which is so high  and unique.

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