Swarovski Crystallized Shines

Swarovski, the renowned Austrian crystal company, opened its Crystallized Cosmo and Lounge on Marlborough Street in London to offer the ultimate shopping experience. The shopping space is truly a creative universe unto itself and also boasts a chic café lounge located on the upper floor.  Customers can opt for the captivating  Crystallized jewelry or they can also transform themselves into designers by choosing from a vast array of crystals to make jewelry creations using their very own hands.

The store’s atmosphere is a special source of inspiration with its modern décor flaunting an abundance of  mirrored and multi-shaped surfaces which capture and reflect light.

Swarovski chose King Manichini mannequins and busts to let their Crystallized collections shine at their best not only in London but also at Wattens, New York, and Hong Kong Crystallized locations.  The crystals are displayed in a multitude of  flattering styles on these luxury abstract mannequins and bust torsos  whose modern Italian design and metalpearlescent color further exalt the exceptional beauty of the jewelry on display which is sure to inspire Crystallized visitors.

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