Collection N°5 - Busts - Display

Every collection has its own story -

N° 5,  a contemporary urban style where Art, Nature and Design intersect for this new collection by Alain Leporati.   Plush earth tones in Brown, Grey, Anthracite, White, Taupe, conceived to harmonize with interior design needs.

Fluid and symmetrical lines characterize the lines of the body for a uniquely aesthetic effect, a mannequin like no other.

The significance of customization is in the details.  Created with high fashion in mind, Collection N° 5 is the affirmation of craftsmanship expertise with great attention to every detail:  The finest Italian fabrics, sustainable veined wood, articulated arms with quick insert fittings, and other high design features.

 “I don’t care to be in store windows everywhere,  only in those most beautiful.” Alain Leporati

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