Evanescence collection

The evocation of a femininity capable of uniting all that is strict and sweet.

A shape that, from the pronounced inclination of the neck to the hands with their long and slender fingers, exalt with an uncommon canny, the theatrics of a gesture which is harmonious, elegant and dynamic without ever being disengaged.

 The Evanescence Collection was created by Alain Leporati and has knowingly affirmed itself over time. It made its impression as a style icon, capable of attracting numerous imitators who nonetheless have never been capable of capturing its unmistakable caliber of style.   A collection composed of 10 poses representing the ideal for both haute couture and prêt-à-porter given their immediately recognizable nature and versatility.

 Leporati’s contemporary feminine shapes impose themselves upon the beholder for their strong personality when staged individually, while reinforcing the visual impact when the same pose is reproduced in multiples of itself.

Clean, essential, minimalist lines perfectly placed in today and capable of performing the most important gesture: embracing the future.


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” #Coco Chanel

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